Decadent Chocolate Brownies

Yes, I know that cupcakes are the new brownies. Yet, given a choice I will almost always pick up a warm Chocolate Brownie over a cupcake. The decadence of a moist fudge-y brownie is unmatched and I find myself reaching for this fail-safe recipe quite often. The amazing aroma that fills my kitchen while baking these brownies is a lovely bonus!
Brownies originated in the United States and became quite a rage everywhere for their part-cake, part-cookie texture. They are usually served warm, often with ice cream and chocolate sauce on the side, sometimes with whipped cream. This sweet treat is a classic comfort food! So try this recipe and do write in with your experience with it.

This recipe makes 12 brownie squares (depending on portion size!)

You’ll need:

How to:

Suggested accompaniments:
And a final note - All you need is Love. But a little Chocolate now and then doesn't hurt! 

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