Egg-less Chocolate Cake with Balsamic Raspberry & Cream Filling

Do I need an excuse to bake a cake?! Well, this time I had one! My brother celebrated his birthday yesterday; so the occasion called for a big birthday cake but it had to be an egg-less one since we’re in the middle of the Ganpati festival. With all the cakes I have baked, I had never attempted going egg-less and I had no trusted recipe to go to. So I posted a request on this foodie Facebook group that I’m a member of – Chef at Large, which is an extremely active and supportive group of cooks, both professional & amateur. Within minutes, Deeba Rajpal responded with this lovely recipe and I was sold! Do take a look at Deeba’s blog Passionate about Baking, which is a veritable visual treat. Deeba was also named as one of the top 100 food bloggers to follow, so do (@vindee)!

I had to make a few changes to the filling and the ganache since I couldn’t find any fresh cream in four stores! So I bought some whipped cream from a cafe and then improvised with what I had on hand. Also, the buttercream piping is from my neighbourhood gourmet baker Not Just  Desserts, who very sweetly agreed to lend me a piping cone, when I sent her a late night SOS! So this has been a collaborative cake so to speak and here’s the recipe. 

Instead of making one big cake, I halved the ingredients and baked two separate cakes, which I then filled with the raspberry filling. You can make one cake and slice it into 2 or 4 layers. This cake also gave me the chance to try out the vanilla beans I picked up in Kerala and I’m so glad I bought so many of them!

This recipe makes one layered 22cm (or 24cm) cake.

You’ll need:

For the Cake
For the Filling
For the Icing

How to:

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