Riot of Colours in Ranikhet – A Photo-Essay

I am currently holidaying in the mountains of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand and I spent the weekend in Ranikhet (literally, the Queen’s meadow). And it lives up to its name! Located in the district of Almora, Ranikhet is a picturesque military cantonment town. The meadows of Ranikhet are surrounded by soaring pine and oak forests and afford a panoramic view of the Himalayas (when there is no cloud cover).

While the beauty surrounding Ranikhet is breathtaking, its market has its own charm. The bustling Sadar Bazaar is the main market road, with the Zaroori Bazaar (literally, the market of necessities) and the Masala Galli (the Masala lane) branching off it. A walk down these market lanes requires dodging people, cars and cows! The shops lining the road are filled to the brim and bursting their contents onto the street, especially now since it is Navratri season. And it’s a veritable riot of colours! This photo-essay is shot entirely in the markets of Ranikhet. Take a look and plan a trip soon 
A sweet start with stacks of Mithai & Namkeen

Rows of Mithai ready for the festive season
Shops selling Puja paraphernalia for Navratri

Colourful Bangles for the ladies!
Er, plastic flowers!
From the festive to the mundane...

Spices in Masala Galli

Keeping warm...


Bundles of Wool
And, ten points for guessing what this is!

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