Soft Shell Tacos with Chicken and Charred Tomato Filling

For those of you who are wondering what happened to the Tacos recipe I had promised in September’s #YourChoice, here it is! This post is coming in a bit late, but with my Kerala trip and some busy times, I didn’t get around to making this dish till last weekend. There were many suggestions, of course, on #YourChoice. However, since I had never attempted Mexican flavours, I thought I’d give Darshana’s suggestion a go :)

I went to couple of gourmet shops to hunt for readymade taco (pronounced ‘tah-co’) shells – one of them said it was out of stock; the other had a packet in stock, which was exorbitantly priced and didn’t look very appealing anyway. So I decided to try making the taco shells from scratch and instead of ‘googling’ it, I sent out a request on Twitter – my new best friend! And voila! Mexican Chef @jdxicana and fellow foodie @shivzi responded with some helpful tips and a recipe for making the taco shells.

I’ve adapted their inputs to come up with this recipe – Soft  Shell Tacos with Chicken and Charred Tomato Filling. This is not a traditional recipe; I have tried to make it a bit healthful by not using (deep fried) hard taco shells and there is no sour cream used as well. So here goes...

This recipe makes 6 medium-sized tacos.

You’ll need:
For the taco shells

 For the filling
How to:

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