Eric Lanlard's Spiced Orange Upside-down Cake

The festive season is well and truly upon us. December is a month of indulgence; so many parties, weddings, events (UpperCrust Magazine’s 10th Food & Wine Show is taking place in Mumbai this weekend) and of course Christmas! Festive baking is one my favourite things to do and I just love how the kitchen fills up with the aromas of cinnamon, raisins and gingerbread, not to mention mulled cider on the side...

This year, I decided to bake something I had never tried before. After watching several contestants on MasterChef Australia bake upside-down cakes, I thought I too would give it a try. I Googled it (but of course) and there were tons of pineapple and apple cake recipes, but I really wanted to use these gorgeous oranges available in the market. Then I came across Eric Lanlard’s recipe for an Orange upside down cake on Baking Mad, and it seemed perfect. Eric is a French patissier and a celebrity chef who owns the luxury cafe-patisserie Cake Boy in London; he has written multiple books on baking (I’m currently coveting his book Home Bake) and he has his own baking show on British telly. Oh, did I mention that he is cute too?!

I have adapted his recipe slightly, so here’s my Spiced Orange Upside-down Cake. This recipe serves 8-10 people, depending upon portion sizes! You can scale up the recipe as per your requirement. You can change the spice levels as per your taste. Also, experiment with other fruits.

You’ll need:
For the Cake
For the Poaching Syrup
How to:

A tip – after removing the orange slices from the poaching syrup, I tossed in the used vanilla bean to enhance the flavour of the syrup.

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