Spiced Apple Cobbler with Jaggery

This is the 50th post on Deliciously Directionless. And to celebrate this ‘golden’ milestone, here is a sweet baked dish with 50 shades of gold – from the perfectly browned crust to the caramelised jaggery! This Spiced Apple Cobbler was inspired by a random tweet by fellow foodie and partner-in-delicious-potlucks, Chhavi, who had baked the apple filling with jaggery, instead of sugar as used by traditional recipes. It’s a spiced up version with not just cinnamon, but also cloves and nutmeg for added flavours. So give it a shot; it’s really easy and tastes divine (even though it looks a bit rustic!).

This recipe serves 6-8 people, depending on portion size!

You’ll need:

For the Filling

For the Crust

How to:

OK, I admit it; I ate it straight from the cake tin! But look how tempting it is :)

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