Valentine’s Dinner at Indigo, courtesy Gourmet It Up!

Last week, the good folks at Gourmet It Up ran a Valentine’s Day contest on Twitter and no prizes for guessing who won! The contest was sponsored by Ballantine's and aptly named "Valentine's with Ballentine's". Up for grabs were three couple invites for a V-day dinner at one of the premier fine dining restaurants in Mumbai – Indigo, Colaba. Naturally, I gave the contest a shot and what do you know!

Before I go on to the dinner, a brief word about Gourmet It Up. This is a concierge service, currently operating in Mumbai, which offers to create unique dining experiences at the restaurants they have a tie up with. The service will soon be launched in Delhi and Pune as well. My one experience with them has been quite good; I found the team to be very proactive and responsive. It’s worth giving a try!

And now, on to our Valentine’s night dinner. The husband and I were quite looking forward to the dinner since Indigo is one of the best restaurants in the city, known for its elegant ambience and good quality food. Also, Gourmet It Up had sent across the personalised menu created for our dinner and I couldn’t wait to get there. We chose to sit in the Terrace section so that we could enjoy the lovely extended ‘winter’ that Mumbai is currently experiencing. The space is stylishly done up, with low lighting (the reason for the badly lit images in this post!) and fairly quiet.

There were unlimited Absolut and Ballantine’s cocktails on offer and since we prefer vodka over whisky, we ordered martinis. My Cosmopolitan was spot on and they had not gone stingy with the alcohol. For the first course, I decided to go with the Liquid Ravioliti of Chevre and it was easily the dish of the evening. Four decently sized ravioli were stuffed with a delicious mushroom puree and served with wild rocket and generously drizzled with sage butter. One bite and I was floored! 

The other first course dish we tried was the Chicken and Ricotta Boudin Blanc, which was served with baby greens and hazelnuts, a smear of prune chutney and topped with chive dressing. Quite flavourful and the chicken was cooked perfectly.

For the second course, we ordered the Grilled Green Garlic Marinated Chicken, which was served with a side of potato puree and green beans. The dish was quite good and the mashed potatoes creamy. 

The other main was a Pan Roasted Reef Cod (thankfully not the done-to-death basa). This came with two crab dumplings, some curried spinach and was topped with a coconut lime sauce. The fish was cooked just right and the overall dish was tasty, but what stole the show was the crab dumpling. In a word, delicious!

For dessert we ordered a Passion Fruit and Banana Pavlova and the White Chocolate Fondant. The Pavlova was served with some honey yogurt and weirdly enough, banana chips. This was the only dish that I didn’t particularly care for. Even though I usually love the tartness of passion fruit, the pavlova was too sour for my taste. 

The white chocolate fondant saved the dessert course. It was served with some rose ice cream, rose marmalade (which was basically gulkand), fresh strawberries and a really delish dark chocolate chip cookie.

The portion sizes were quite good; I was a bit apprehensive when the menu came with just three courses, but we were quite stuffed by the end of the second course itself. Of course, the excellent bread basket was also to blame partially, not to mention the martinis that we knocked down! A must-try is the Espresso Martini – smooth, dark and divine.  

Overall, a fantastic dining experience and both Indigo & Gourmet It Up really made this Valentine’s Day special. And following in our footsteps, guess who made a stop at Indigo recently? Read here :)      

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