Culinary Souvenirs, and an Awesome Giveaway for you

Do you bring back souvenirs from your travels? Of course you do! I'm not talking about the duty-free perfumes from Dubai or bags of H&M clothing from Europe! A memento, big or small, that will remind you of your time spent in a foreign land - whether it's a bell from a unique temple in Almora, Uttarakhand or brilliantly-coloured glass jewellery from Murano, Italy

And nothing brings back memories as strongly as the taste of the food you savour on your travels. I often find myself skipping the clothes and shoes (but NOT handbags!) and picking up things to eat, things to cook with, things that smell of the place left behind - culinary souvenirs that I hold dear... till I eat / drink / cook with them. 

So the vanilla beans I bought from Kerala have gone into many a dessert and the herb salt from Hallstatt, Austria's ancient salt mine have flavoured several pasta dishes. Culinary souvenirs from Italy were many, from truffle butter to Chianti wine, from delectable salame to limoncello - so many reminders of the flavours of my favourite destination. From Innsbruck, Austria I picked up a small bottle of raspberry liqueur, which recently went into making this gorgeous No-bake Dark Chocolate Tart. A generous splash of the liqueur in the chocolate ganache and the tart's flavour lifted considerably...

Now, over to you…

What is your favourite culinary souvenir? And what did you make with it?

To make this more interesting, I have roped in Rushina M Ghildiyal – food writer, consultant, cook extraordinaire and owner of the lovely APB Cook Studio in Mumbai. We are hosting a delicious giveaway just for you!

Here’s what is up for grabs:

How to participate:

Terms & Conditions

It’s that simple! Rushina and I are eager to know what you brought back from your travels. Participate now and spread the word :)

And good luck!

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