When Life gives you Lemons...

... make lemonade! Beautiful bright yellow colour, a zingy sour taste – Lemons make me very happy! And they are so versatile. Add them to a savoury dish and they lift the flavours, add them to a sweet dish and they cut the sweetness and add a delicious tang. Juice them, pickle them, slice them and use as garnish – the possibilities are endless. Even the outer rind or zest, albeit bitter, can be used in a variety of dishes. High on Vitamin C and low on sugar, lemon is a powerhouse food that elevates any dish it is added into.
Lemons form the central theme of several foods, from the simple lemonade to the delightful Italian liqueur limoncello. One of my favourite lemon dishes is the simple Lemon Cake. A deliciously sweet and tangy cake, it’s a perfect accompaniment for an elegant tea party or appropriately dressed up, can even make a great birthday cake!

Apart from lemon juice, this cake also uses the lemon zest, which gives it an extra bit of flavour due to the oils present in the skin. When you scrape the lemon to remove the rind, just scrape twice in one area and then move to another. This way you’ll only get the zest and not the too-bitter white pith underneath.
You’ll need:
For the Cake
For the Frosting
How to:

Enjoy this cake with a cup of afternoon tea!

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